Friday, June 12
Concurrent Sessions

If there’s more than one session you’re interested in per time slot (and there will be!), participate live in one and catch up on the others later. Your registration gives you access to recordings of all sessions for 30 days after the conference!

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9-9:45 am Central

In Classroom or Living Room: Growth & Targeted Practice

Research has proven that high-quality practice is one of the most effective ways to help students build strong literacy and mathematics skills. Join this session to discover how to provide the just-right level of practice needed to keep students on track to achieve standards mastery for reading and math—whether they’re learning from home or in the classroom.

Stacy Blair
National Academic Advisor
IM and Continuity Update

TEA staff will provide a review of instructional materials to determine fit for continuity plans. This session will explore what makes instructional materials effective for use in both brick and mortar and virtual environments, as well as how to plan for professional development. We will share some planning tools to help evaluate how well instructional materials support learning continuity.

Melissa Lautenschlager

Director, Instructional Materials Quality

Dana Moyer
Manager of Instructional Materials Implementation
Texas Resource Review
If You Can Turn It Off, It Isn’t Accountability

Accountability is a processes or system through which trust is developed and maintained with an organization’s stakeholders. A crisis is the very thing a true accountability system is designed for, as that moment represents our stakeholder’s greatest need. Real accountability can’t be turned off. Come see what is possible with a true accountability based on student benefit, and why now is the best time in 30 years to build it for your school or district.

John Tanner

Executive Director
Test Sense

Heart of Hearts: Character Ed Helped AHISD Navigate COVID-19

Character education thrived in Alamo Heights ISD prior to the COVID-19 pandemic. Multiple campuses have earned the National School of Character designation from This culture of character has helped anchor our school community during these uncharted times and helped provide a framework to sustain social emotional wellness. Log in to our session to learn how the Heart of Heights helped us to not only survive but to thrive!

Frank Alfaro

Assistant Superintendent
Alamo Heights ISD

Susan Peery

Principal, Howard Early Childhood Center
Alamo Heights ISD

Kristen Ascencao

Counseling Coordinator
Alamo Heights ISD

Lauren Boyer

School Counselor, Cambridge Elementary
Alamo Heights ISD

How Do We Survive the Storm? Where is the Harbor?

Our ships may be different, but we are in the same storm headed toward land left deserted by COVID-19. How do we chart a safe path to our harbor? Who is on the crew? Hear from students, advisors, and community members who represent the crew in your district and schools. They can create the kind of school that solves issues, builds trust, and raises school spirit. Join these leaders for this powerful presentation.

Terry Hamm

Texas Association of Student Councils

Laurie Zuehlke

Montgomery High School

Scott Backovich


Susan Waldrep

Student Activities Director
Texas High School

TASA 20-21 Officer Leadership Panel

Join TASA President Brian Woods, President-Elect Doug Williams, Vice President Charles Dupre and Past President Greg Smith for a leadership conversation with TASA Executive Director Kevin Brown.

Kevin Brown

Executive Director

Charles Dupre

Fort Bend ISD

Brian Woods

Northside ISD

Greg Smith

Clear Creek ISD

Doug Williams

Sunnyvale ISD

10-10:45 am Central

Blended to Distance Learning (MIZ & BLGP)

TEA staff will discuss designing an instructional model to easily shift between blended in-person and distance settings.

Eric Kotin

Operations Manager

Amanda Patterson

Program Manager

School Funding and the Future?

Equity Center representatives will discuss the funding issues that appear likely to be faced during the next legislative session, highlighting future funding concerns and areas to be addressed.

Ray Freeman

Executive Director
Equity Center

Josh Sanderson

Deputy Executive Director
Equity Center

Adam Pierce

Director of Research
Equity Center

Practical Hope: Tools for Stress, Coping, and Resilience

When anxiety increases, learning and empathy decrease. This session will focus on practical, research-backed strategies to serve students and staff to support their well-being and help them navigate new normals successfully. CharacterStrong has worked with over 2,500 educators globally since the start of COVID-19 to provide low-burden tools that keep a focus on relationships, social-emotional learning, and mental wellness.

Houston Kraft


COVID Response and Monitoring

This session will highlight COVID-19 impacts to the general supervision requirements related to IDEA monitoring and what LEAs can expect for monitoring activities in 2020-2021. Specific topics to be discussed will include the self-assessment, targeted monitoring, cyclical monitoring, and on-site monitoring visits.

Jennifer Alexander

Associate Commissioner, Office of Special Populations and Monitoring

Certification Rules During Covid-19: Hiring the Teachers You Need

The session will review ways to qualify teachers for hard to fill positions as well as special rules in place during COVID-19.

Lolly Guerra

Executive Director

Preparing Incoming Teachers for Fall TX District Discussion

Co-create through moderated discussion with fellow attendees and share experiences and questions around first-year teachers starting in the fall.

Stacey Edmonson

Dean, College of Education
Sam Houston State University

Alex Leavell

University of North Texas